Ways to Survive A Small Bathroom

The bathroom I have to use right now is from the 50s, complete with a pink tub and shell-shaped vanity sink. I can’t afford a renovation right now, so for now, this tiny little space has to work, and after a few tweaks here and there, I found different storage ideas and ways to organize … Read more

Is Corner Bathtub Right For You?

round corner bathtubs

It will be elegant and stylish to use a gorgeous corner bathtub with marble or ceramic tile surround that is made expressly for the decor of your bathroom. When the bathtub is installed in the corner, your bathroom will appear larger because unused space is utilized more effectively and artistically than ever. You will grin … Read more

Bathroom Cleaning For Single Moms

As a single parent, you are always short on time. Even though it needs to be done, housework may be the last thing you have time to do. The trick is to keep your housework up to date so you don’t need to spend an entire weekend getting your home in order. While it gets … Read more

Affordable Elderly Bathroom Aids To Boost Confidence

Whether you are dealing with senior parents that need some help or something for yourself, finding elderly bathroom aids has got much easier. You can get frames that fit on either side of the toilet to help with balance, but if you have a small bathroom and space is at a premium, then simply raising … Read more

Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

A Floating Vanity Gives the Impression of Space and Clean Lines Now that the cooler weather is here in my neck of the woods, we have decided to turn our attention to some much-needed indoor work. We have decided to upgrade the bathroom sink and vanity as they have seen better days but were overwhelmed … Read more

Organizing Small Apartment Bathroom

If you are renting your apartment or house and the bathroom is tiny, some products can use every square inch without damage to the walls or floors. You may stand in it and think, “no way anything is fitting in here,” but with some creativity, you will be amazed. As many people downsize their homes, … Read more

Bathroom Flooring Options And Ideas

Bathroom flooring materials must by necessity be waterproof and resistant, yet they must still be decorative, in as much as materials used like tiles, wood, or vinyl have to support a fair amount of weight, they must also be strong and long-lasting. When using wood or cork flooring, you should choose woods or corks that … Read more