Bathroom Flooring Choices

ceramic tile bathroom floor

Bathroom flooring options are almost without limits. This does not make it easier for homeowners who must balance practicality, eye appeal, and budget constraints. Throughout this article, I will try to help you make sense of the options available, with practical information that will bring a good compromise between an esthetic, waterproof, easy to care … Read more

Bathroom Mirror Design Tips

bathroom mirror design

One of the most important features of the bathroom is the bathroom mirror. Today there is such a wide range of styles, sizes, shapes, and functions to choose from, and the choices can be overwhelming. Yet, installing the right mirror for your particular bathroom can add dramatically to the overall design finish of the room. … Read more

Choosing the Right Bath Rug

color bathroom rug

Most people get area rugs for living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways, but few consider getting one for the bath. After all, it’s a hot, well-used, and often humid area—not exactly the place for a delicate rug. But that was years ago. With the variety of rug materials in the market, there’s no reason you can’t … Read more

Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

small bathroom

The Challenge I have been looking for inspiration recently, and it’s a depressing business. You see, I am seeking inspiration for my bathroom. I have decided that I can no longer live with the avocado bathroom suite, the tiling is boring, and the wall and wood colors my predecessor chose for the room have to … Read more

Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

bathroom fixture

Bathroom fixtures can make or break a bathroom; if you’re an older bathroom, they can refresh it beyond belief. Choosing the right fixtures for your bathroom must be done carefully to make it look the best it can be. What exactly constitutes a bathroom fixture? Well, a fixture is anything that is screwed or fixed … Read more

Oak Bathroom Vanity

hip oak bathroom vanity

Refinishing and Decorating Guide Often, homes will have an oak bathroom vanity in them. If you are building your own, you might consider this item because it is inexpensive. This is a standard in construction. However, even if it is inexpensive, it isn’t at the height of decorating. You may be challenged to deal with … Read more