Bathroom Cleaning For Single Moms

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As a single parent, you are always short on time. Even though it needs to be done, housework may be the last thing you have time to do. The trick is to keep your housework up to date so you don’t need to spend an entire weekend getting your home in order. While it gets used daily, it doesn’t usually get as much use as your kitchen – unless you have a teenage daughter in the house. If you do, you must rope her in to clean her bathroom.

If you have a guest bathroom that only gets used when the company arrives, you don’t need to worry about it more than once a week. Make the every other day chores into weekly chores. Weekly chores can be done monthly. And monthly tasks can be looked at maybe once a year or so.

Things to Do Every Other Day

Keep a bathroom spray, a sponge, and a roll of paper towels under the sink in each bathroom. If you don’t have storage under the bathroom sink, keep these items in a nearby linen closet or another convenient area.

Wipe down the sink. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Spray and wipe down the basin. Don’t forget to wipe down the taps as well. They won’t have the shine they would with a window and glass cleaner, but you can always do this step once a week when cleaning mirrors and windows.

Clean the toilet. Just a quick spray on all surfaces, followed by a wipe with a paper towel, will save you time in the long run. Toss the used paper towels in the garbage bin and not in the toilet, as this can clog the plumbing. Once you have cleaned all outside surfaces, spray cleaner inside the toilet and run the brush around the bowl.

If your shower has them, spray the shower with bathroom spray, including doors. You won’t need to spend much time wiping the shower walls. Turn on the water for a minute or so. If you have a tub and shower combination that gets used regularly, pull out your sponge and quickly scrub down any water rings. By doing this often, you will never need to spend hours doing this on a valuable Sunday afternoon.

Things to Do Every Weekend

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Dust your light fittings before doing anything else on your weekend clean. Take the time to clean them next time you need to replace a light bulb. A feather duster works best for most light fittings.

Clean your mirrors. If your mirror disguises a medicine cabinet, dust or wipe down the top before spraying a window cleaner on your glass. Don’t forget to wipe down the edges of your mirrors and any sides they may have. If your bathroom has windows, do this at the same time.

Clean your counters one side at a time. Bathroom counters tend to collect a lot of stuff. Put things away that are supposed to stay in drawers or under the sink. Don’t just put it back on the counter. Eventually, you may train yourself or your kids to put it away whenever you use it. Other things that clutter bathroom counters are old products that are not likely to use again. Money might be tight, but if you have already replaced that bottle of body lotion, then throw the old one away.

Replace all bathrooms weekly at the latest. Toss each towel in the hamper and replace them. Even if you have teenagers who can restock their towels, plan on them forgetting, and they won’t drip water all over the hallway floor trying to get one. This also goes for bath rugs.

Empty your garbage bin. It may never be full but empty it every week. It is simply unhygienic to leave it any longer than that. By keeping a couple of replacement bags at the bottom of your bin, you won’t have to make too many trips during your cleaning.

Clean the floors. Finish by moving anything that stays on the floor into the hallway. Wipe along all baseboards, then give the bathroom a good sweep and mop. Leave the door open and the fan on if you have one. Don’t wait too long to replace everything in the bathroom; you may lose steam quickly.

Things to Do Every Month

Clean out bathroom drawers and cabinets, including medicine cabinets and under the sink. Empty everything and wipe down the drawers with a damp cloth. Allow everything to air dry or wipe down with a paper towel before replacing everything. Don’t forget to throw away any old products and take stock of toilet paper and other consumables.

Clean your toothbrush holder and any other baskets or holders you keep on your counter. Just wash these in the sink as if you are doing the dishes. Allow them to dry before replacing these items.

Wash your shower curtains. Washing plastic liners and fabric curtains in the washing machine is easy. When your plastic curtains come out of the machine, re-hang them, as these are unsuitable for the tumble dryer. If the bathroom is in high demand, it is worth having a couple of shower curtains so you can replace them while the others wash and dry.

By keeping to this routine and assigning the right chores to your children, you should always have a tidy and welcoming home for yourself and your family, not to mention when others visit.

If you stick to this frequency, you should spend less than ten minutes every other day, around thirty minutes a weekend, and an extra half hour or so once a month. You can start regardless of the state of your kitchen. Add a couple extra minutes to each day until you get it down.

Quick And Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms

As a busy mom, finding the time to clean your home, let alone the bathroom can be challenging. However, with these quick and easy bathroom cleaning tips, you can efficiently maintain a clean and healthy bathroom without sacrificing too much of your precious time.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

One of the keys to effective bathroom cleaning is to have all the necessary cleaning supplies on hand. Keep a cleaning caddy stocked with your favorite cleaners, sponges, gloves, and paper towels in the bathroom or nearby. This way, you can easily access the supplies whenever you have a few minutes to spare for cleaning.

Establish a Routine

Create a cleaning routine that works for you and your schedule. Add specific times during the week to clean the bathroom, such as Sunday morning or Friday evening, and stick to it. This will help ensure that your bathroom is regularly cleaned and prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime.

Start with the Toilet

The toilet is one of the most frequently used items in the bathroom and should be the first thing to clean. Begin by squirting some toilet bowl cleaner around the rim, allowing it to sit while you move to the sink and shower. This will give the cleaner enough time to work its magic, making it easier for you to scrub and clean later.

Utilize Multi-Purpose Cleaners

To save time, use multi-purpose cleaners that can be used on different surfaces. For instance, a cleaner that works on both the toilet and sink can save you from switching between different cleaners for each surface.

Focus on High-Traffic Areas

Concentrate your cleaning efforts on high-traffic areas like the sink, toilet, and shower. These areas accumulate the most dirt and grime and can become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Don’t forget to wipe down the doorknob, light switches, and other frequently touched surfaces.

Involve Your Children

Cleaning can be a tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be a solitary one. Involve your children in the cleaning process, assigning them age-appropriate tasks. Not only will this help lighten your workload, but it will also teach your children responsibility and the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy home.

Simplify Your Decor

Decorating your bathroom with too many items can make cleaning more difficult and time-consuming. Simplify your decor by opting for minimalistic designs and decor, and limit the number of items in your bathroom. This way, you can easily clean your bathroom and maintain a clutter-free space.

Maintaining a clean bathroom can be challenging, especially for single moms with a lot on their plates. However, with these quick and easy tips, you can easily maintain a clean and healthy bathroom without sacrificing too much of your time. Remember to establish a cleaning routine, involve your children, and simplify your decor to make cleaning easier and more efficient.

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