May 29, 2023

Bathroom Countertop Ideas

bathroom countertop ideas

If you’re remodeling a bath, then you will definitely want to check out what best and hottest bathroom countertop ideas. A countertop is a major remodeling purchase but also a major focal point in a bathroom. And because you don’t (and shouldn’t) remodel that often, the bath countertop you pick today will have to last you for years.

The vanity base and the countertop on it are often the only real furniture in the room. In addition, because they need to work in unison, the first design consideration you need to consider is the overall theme of your bathroom. Some bath countertops shouldn’t be paired with certain vanities, like a smooth contemporary glass countertop, when trying to create a vintage New England farmhouse look.

In addition to design compatibility, you must consider the price and maintenance of a new countertop. Look at the following bathroom countertop ideas and determine what will work best for your design and budget.

Looking Through the Glass at a Best Bathroom Countertop Idea

One of the hottest new bathroom countertop ideas is glass. Yes, that stuff you put in your windows can also be used as a countertop surface. Glass is a non-porous, super hygienic material, which is a good thing in the bathroom. Because it’s stain-proof, it’s easy to take care of – avoid dropping anything heavy on it because it will chip and scratch at the minimum or shatter and break at the worst. Glass bathroom countertops are often paired with a vessel sink for a cool, contemporary look.

An Old Bathroom Countertop Idea is New Again

Sometimes old-time favorites make the best bathroom countertop ideas. Tile is one of those, but don’t think washed up and out of style. Tile may be an old material, but it’s revived with great-looking shapes, styles, and colors. Whether it’s ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles, these hard-working materials are moisture-resistant and easy to maintain. Make sure to keep unglazed tiles sealed, as well as the grout.

Natural Stone – A Beautiful Bathroom Countertop Idea

natural stone bathroom countertop

One bathroom countertop idea that’s here to say is natural stone. Both granite and marble are still popular countertop materials for the unique and one-of-a-kind beauty they offer. Soapstone, which is a limestone material is also gaining popularity. There is a variety of finishes to go with every decorating style, from a polished and high-gloss look to an aged and natural look of tumbled stones. The biggest negative of natural stone is that it is porous and will stain, so it’s important to reseal it often.

Quartz and All – You Can’t Find a Better Bathroom Countertop Idea

With the beauty of natural stone, quartz countertops have to be one of the best bathroom countertop ideas to come around. This nearly natural material is made from crushed quartz and epoxy resins to create a nearly indestructible countertop. Because it can be mixed with any number of pigments, the color choices are amazing. With their non-porous surface and no sealants required, Quart is truly a no-care surface.

Countertop Options for Your Bathroom

Do you know you have lots of countertop options when it comes to remodeling your bathroom?

Bathroom countertops can make or break a bathroom design. Just replacing a countertop can make the whole look new again, even if that’s the only thing that’s been changed. If you’re contemplating adding a new countertop, then make sure you know your options.

There’s a big difference in cost, maintenance, and upkeep between countertop materials. Before you lay down your hard-earned cash, learn about the top three countertop options for your bathroom.

But First… Define Your Bathroom Decor

When you open the door to your bathroom, what’s the first thing you notice?

That’s right, you’re bathroom countertop. And if it looks old and tired, then the whole room will look that way, too, even if you’ve just painted and added new accessories. If your old bath countertop is screaming “replace me,” but you’re stumped with what to replace it with, then get to know countertop options.

There are always pros and cons to every choice and depending on your bathroom remodel budget or the bath design you’re going for, learn what’s available. But even before you get down to seriously considering your countertop options, you need to understand what will and will not work for your bathroom decor. So take a little time to reflect on what look you’re after.

  • Look through design magazines or Internet sites that specialize in bathroom design
  • Spend some time at your local home improvement store so you can touch and feel the materials

Now, learn how the top three countertop options may or may not fit into your design plans.

Granite Vanity Tops are Tops

A granite vanity top is one of the top choices when remodeling a bathroom. And there’s a good reason for it. It’s just about the most durable countertop option you can find. Granite is a natural material and as such, has a unique and one-of-a-kind look.

In fact, each slab of granite is unique. But beauty and durability will cost you. One cost-saving option is if you just need to cover a small surface that can be covered by a remnant. The cost then is mainly in the cutting and finishing.

Solid Surface is a Solid Choice

An alternative to granite is a solid surface finish like Corian countertops. This man-made material can duplicate the look of granite, marble, and stone. The nice thing about a solid surface material is it doesn’t chip and stands up to heavy wear and tear. But like granite, it doesn’t come cheaply. In fact, it can be more expensive than granite and must always be installed by a professional.

The Durability of Bathroom Tiles

tile bathroom countertop

Bathroom Tiles are a tried and true option for the bathroom. Most tiles are ceramic or porcelain, but granite tiles are available, as well. The variety of patterns and colors is huge — from glossy finishes, and stone looks to glass tiles. And tiles are a great do-it-yourself project that doesn’t have a large learning curve. Not only can the tiles be purchased from your local home improvement center, but so can the tools.

Today’s countertop options give you both durability and good looks. And best yet, one of these three top options is sure to work with your overall bathroom design and budget.

Looking for a Little Decorating Inspiration?

I often find the best idea generators in magazines and books. This Small Bath Solutions from the Better Homes and Gardens team should be on anyone’s list, regardless of the sized bathroom. It’s packed with ideas and real bathroom makeovers. It’s talking about space planning and materials, even countertop options. It’s available from Walmart, a retailer that understands we not only want beautiful bathrooms but also affordable ones.

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