Bathroom Curtains Or Blinds – Too Hard To Decide?

bathroom curtain

Are you currently facing a situation where you are trying to decide whether or not to use just bathroom curtains or a fancy blind in your special little room? Worried about whether or not you’ll be giving up some privacy if you choose one over the other? Or maybe you’ve just always heard that curtains are for the home and blinds are for the office and you just never understood why someone would say that and if it’s true. Well, I plan to tackle this little issue head-on right here, and hopefully, it’ll help give you a little different perspective on whether or not you should use either blinds or curtains for your bathroom.

First off, let’s tackle the myth that blinds are for the office and curtains are for the home. This is strictly an old wife’s tale. Many homes these days have blinds in every room in the house. The only reason that I can think of as to why somebody would ever say that is that the corporate, office lifestyle is not one that should take on the pleasures and comforts of home. They want you there for a reason, to work. They don’t want you totally uncomfortable and for other various reasons, like safety and privacy, so they put blinds up.

If they started putting up nice window curtains all around the office and you started slacking off and getting comfortable, then that just wouldn’t be good for the bottom line now, would it? On the other hand, there are offices that do employ the use of curtains. Now, these aren’t going to be of the same vernacular that you would install in your home, in fact, most of the ones that I’ve seen are plain and boring. But they do hold for the same purpose.

Just the opposite of an office setting, take for instance a home setting like one in your bathroom, you are going to want that peace and comfort that you can get from a nice bathroom window curtain. You can really get into the whole design scheme and color coordination of the bathroom when you select the perfect curtains. Plus they afford you the same type of privacy and security that one would take in a bathroom blind installation provided on the type of curtain you employ. All the same, I’ve seen plenty of homes that have just window blinds installed as well in the bathroom.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, having just a blind or a bathroom curtain installed in your bathroom. Either one is very well suitable as long as it pertains to the overall theme you are trying to accomplish. In fact, I see no issue in having both if it fits the decorum of the place as it tends to lend a hand to add an additional level of privacy to the bathroom, especially if your bathroom window is on a wall that has a bit more of a public or roadside view where innocent passer-by’s can catch a glimpse instead of one that’s a bit more secluded from the public view like in a backyard behind a fence.

bathroom blind

Blinds will look very good, provided you select the right ones, as they do in most people’s homes. If you do decide to go with just blinds, make sure you choose some vinyl or faux wood blinds. Because most bathrooms are inherently humid from time to time, you want something that can take that humidity. These will do just fine. In fact, these days you can get them custom fit your window and most good ones are adjustable to where you can make the slats line up perfectly to the bottom of your window without any overhang. You will still be able to let in some light when you’d like to and close out in privacy when the time is right.

One thing to note about blinds in a bathroom is that since they are in an environment that’s rather humid, all the dust and dirt that’s floating around in the air can tend to settle on them making for a bit more difficult cleaning. Also, if you are trying to create a more luxurious feel in your bathroom, sometimes having just blinds won’t pull off that dramatic effect you are searching to gain. Instead, it can almost leave the room looking a bit unfinished.

Curtains also look just fab in people’s homes again provided you get the ones that match. If you decide to go with just bathroom window curtains, again make sure that they can stand up to the humidity and are easily maintained with simple washings and cleanings. Because of that humidity, the bathroom curtains can also catch all the dust and dirt in the air so make sure to clean them regularly.

To get the best of both worlds, why not use both blinds and bathroom curtains in combination with one another? You can really let your inner designer go wild when you do combine blinds with bathroom window curtains. You can play with colors and shades to mix and match and give a little contrast between the curtain and the blind. You may even decide to use a curtain that just covers the top half of the window where the blind will mysteriously slide out of the bottom half of the curtain to cover the window for privacy.

There may be times when you want more sunlight in the bathroom than a blind would allow and still maintain an act of privacy. Pulling the blind open and closing a lighter curtain over the top would allow for more light to enter the bathroom and maintain your privacy.

I apologize if I didn’t quite clear up the whole bathroom curtain versus blinds debate, but there really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to your personal taste and design. I just wanted to give some more ideas as to what is possible with a bathroom window and let you know that it really just depends on what you like. Either of them could be used quite comfortably and when used in conjunction could really add some pop and maintain the privacy needed in a bathroom setting.

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