May 29, 2023

Bathroom Decorating Ideas

attractive bathroom decor ideas

In recent years, bathrooms have increased in size and this has meant new decoration techniques have been developed; time redecorating is well spent as this can be a truly relaxing room for a short period every day. Unlike a few years ago, a bathroom is a place where we all spend more time so why not make it a comfortable environment to be in and start to look at different bathroom decoration ideas? If you are taking a bath why not surround yourself with pleasing designs where you can relax and unwind?

It is often a good showing point for your ideas when your friends come around to see how you have used your bathroom decorating ideas. This will prove you take pride in your home. We all take it for granted that our living area and kitchen will look well-presented so there is absolutely no reason why you cannot do the same for your bathroom too.

Some of the best bathroom decorating ideas often come from methods you have probably used around the rest of your home and will keep it in tune with your overall style. In this instance, you may have a home that has many small tables placed around it with plants on them, well, why not extend this very simple idea to your bathroom? If you have a table with a shelf underneath, why not place a few selected magazines or books on there to really set the tone?

Similarly, you can apply your ideas to the rest of your house if you haven’t already decided on a theme. For example, if you have used a particular style of tile, wall, or floor, then why not see how it works in other areas like the hall or kitchen?

If a bathroom tile has a particular pattern there are many places where it could be used to augment the feel of the home including the kitchen. Bathroom decorating ideas are not all about tiles on the walls and floor, there are many other ideas that can be used successfully in every room.

Soap dishes and soap trays are becoming more fashionable and some designs are really effective. Some home decoration periodicals have sections on making items for your home including soap dishes and trays.

One uncommon design for a soap tray was to make it by hand out of clay, which you must admit is quite novel. Of course, another great idea is to put something relaxing opposite the bath, such as a picture of a boat floating on a quiet lake. There is no reason to allow this room to stay dull and uninviting any longer with all the ideas and materials available today.

Bathroom Decor that Fits Your Personality

Bathroom decor can have themes of the outhouse, camping, jungle, or modern style. You can feature zebra, frogs, bears, leopards, or moose. Your bathroom decor might focus on a Disney princess, The Little Mermaid, or Tinkerbell. Whatever the theme, however, your bathroom decor should fit the personality of the person or persons who most often use the room.

Bathroom decor that fits your personality will usually be based on one or two colors that make you feel at home. You can accent those colors when you choose bath accessories. Those colors, however, are most likely to give you bathroom decor that fits your personality.

bright bathroom color ideas

Bathroom Decor Color Ideas

In looking for a bathroom decor that fits your personality, consider the ideas and tips below.

1. Blue: Those who love shades of blue are usually stable and loyal. They tend to be compassionate people, totally devoted to those they love. These people will enjoy bathroom decor with a theme focusing on the sea, lighthouses, and other nautical things.

2. Green: The color of nature, refreshing green attracts people who like to solve problems with a fresh, new perspective. They may also enjoy a bit of wit with those solutions. Make your bathroom decor fit this personality by creating a natural woodland retreat with plenty of green tones, natural wood, and stone.

3. Yellow: Looking on the sunny side of life comes more naturally to those who like this cheery color. You probably have a spontaneous, lively nature. For your bathroom decor, paint wide areas with creamy golden yellow – not too bright. Add rich brown to make the room glow and accent with vivid yellow bath accessories.

4. Red: This fiery, dramatic color is often loved by risk-takers. The color is bold, urgent, and self-confident, as are people who will like bathroom decor that is predominantly red. Bathroom decor that fits your personality might well be retro black and white with bold splashes of red. Leopard or zebra bathroom decor also allows for bold red accents.

5. Purple: Those who love purple and its many shades often rely on tuition rather than logical thought. Be careful with this color if others use the same bathroom – or if guests will use it. Purple tends to drive people away. If you use purple in your bathroom decor, complement it with lavender blue, or green. Alternatively, use lavender-blue or green wall colors, and then find the Purple Store for a wide variety of purple bath accessories and towels.

6. Orange: Bathroom decor with orange predominating is likely to appeal to a serious personality. This intense color often is chosen by those who are methodical decision-makers. They take pride in attaining goals. A bathroom decor that fits this personality could be a sunset of color, with splashes of orange in various intensities. Offset the orange with light, natural wood tones. Accent in deep blue.

7. Pink: Pink bathroom decor is said to be romantic, flirty, and playful. If you are romantic, you will show off pink’s paler tones in your bathroom decor. If your personality is more dynamic, you will go for shocking pinks. Try a tropical bathroom decor with hot pink on one wall, and true pink on the other walls. Accent with bright blues and greens like those on island prints.

Modern-style bathroom decor lets you choose the bathroom decor that you like. Bright colors from every part of the color wheel are acceptable. So be creative and make yours a bathroom decor that fits your personality.

Kids’ Bathroom Decorating Ideas

kids bathroom decor ideas

Your kids’ bathroom needs help. Trends have changed, but the bathroom decor is still the same as it was when the kids were small. Rubber duckies still adorn the shower curtain, and the small mirror above the vanity is surrounded by more duckies. There are even two framed pictures of rubber duckies on the walls. That was fine when the kids were 3 years old, but now they are entering preteen years.

Kids’ bathroom decorating ideas and tips will sometimes help you choose two or three themes to get you started on bathroom decorating. Here are a few examples.

Idea #1

Turn your bathroom into a spa retreat. Use bamboo for waste baskets and baskets for loofas, sponges, etc. Paint the walls in a soothing tan or sage green. If you are renting and must live with white walls, hang large photos or pictures of bamboo forests. Hang green, trailing plants. If the bathroom has no sunlight, bathroom decorating should incorporate quality silk plants that will withstand moisture. Choose towel sets in restful green and tan shades.

Idea #2

For girls, think lights, chic colors, and shiny mirrors. Bathroom decorating for girls should create a place they will enjoy sharing with friends who visit. Start with a modern rosy-tan pastel sink on long, sleek legs. Paint all walls except the sink wall with the same rosy-tan shade. Paint the sink wall a rich, rosy pink to highlight the sink. Use lime green floor tiles and a mixture of lime green and pink tiles on the shower. Place an unframed, shiny round mirror above the sink. Flank it with wall lights. Accent with hot pink and red accessories.

Idea #3

For boys, use a retro modern bathroom decorating style with bold colors. White fixtures and walls highlight bold blues for a clean, fresh look. Greens, yellows, and reds accent the main blue and white theme. Hang an orange, green, and yellow “Meta Plasma” medicine cabinet cube above the sink. Flank it with mirrors framed in bright blue. Use the same blue for the shower curtains, towels, and bath mats. Accent with toothbrush holder, soap dish, waste basket, and other accessories in red, green, and yellow. Hang a bold, multi-color ball clock so the kids will always be ready on time.

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