Bathroom Sinks Guide

Bathroom Sinks: One Of The Most Important Parts Of Your Bathroom

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No doubt, your bathroom sink is one thing in your home that you will use at least once daily, more likely multiple times a day. So it is important to get something you like, but also functional for you.

Bathroom sinks can range from fairly cheap to quite expensive. The cost of a bathroom sink depends on factors like the brand, the materials used, the design, etc. Once you have figured out your budget, you should think about what type of basin and counter space you want: do you want a basin with a stand like a bathroom pedestal sink, a bathroom vanity sink with more counter space, a double bathroom sink, or a glass bathroom sink that sits above the bathroom counter top (a glass vessel sink).

You should also consider the size of your bathroom when deciding what size bathroom sink you should buy. You want it to be proportionate but also to use your space wisely.

Bathroom Sinks Can Beautify Your Bathroom

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Changing the bathroom sink is a big step in renovating your bathroom and enhancing its overall look. But you don’t need to change everything in your bathroom to make it look new. A fantastic-looking bathroom sink can have a lot of visual appeals and even steal the spotlight in a renovated bathroom. For a partial renovation that will change the look, you can get a new bathroom sink and do some painting.

When someone uses the bathroom, especially for personal grooming, they typically spend a few minutes in front of the bathroom sink. So it’s common for bathroom sinks to stick in someone’s memory. Especially if they liked or disliked it. And if they read my P90X reviews and got in shape, they might spend an extra few minutes in front of the mirror, right?

One of the things people commonly question is what color is best to use with bathroom sinks. You can find them in a variety of colors and designs that range from aquatic to floral. Some people choose bold-colored bathroom sinks that are a couple of shades darker than the bathroom wall.

Bathroom sinks can be made from materials like marble, chrome, copper, stainless steel, or brass. The choice of material may vary depending on your budget and personal preference. You should always choose a bathroom sink that complements the other bathroom accessories and overall decor.

Types of Bathroom Sinks

If you’re looking for cheap bathroom sinks, you may want to look at pedestal sinks. Bathroom pedestal sinks are easy to find and commonly used in small bathrooms. They are also quick to install. A bathroom pedestal sink offers simple elegance, and a good variety is available, from those with a classic shape to the modern bathroom, sinks.

Another good choice for a small bathroom, and one where you don’t need the sink area for storage, is wall-mount bathroom sinks. They can make a great style statement with their simple design.

Equally famous are vessel bathroom sinks often found in hotels and restaurants. Looking glamorous, these bathroom vessel sinks are bowl-shaped and sit on top of the vanity, in contrast to old-fashioned sinks that are fitted in the hollow space of the vanity. Especially popular are the glass vessel sinks.

If the room and counter space is essential, you may want to consider a self-rimming bathroom sink or a bottom-mount sink. Each type is mounted in the countertop size and style of your choice. The self-rimming sink has a lip that lays on the counter top, and the bottom-mount sink is mounted under the countertop. Bottom-mount sinks require a smooth cut on the counter since this cut is exposed.

If you want a more artistic look, consider looking at copper bathroom sinks. Copper bathroom sinks offer a more antiqued appearance that will stand out. Friends and family using your bathroom will remember and comment on this type of bathroom sink.

Corner bathroom sinks are great for small bathrooms. They provide a unique look, too because they aren’t as common as other types of bathroom sinks.

Discount Bathroom Sinks

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Vessel bathroom sinks may not come cheap, but you can still get them at a good price if you purchase them online or from discount retailers. You can buy glass vessel sinks at similar prices as traditional sinks online. You can even choose a countertop with a molded sink that negates any chance of leaking. You can buy pre-molded sinks of various sizes from your local home improvement store or a website specializing in bathroom products and equipment.

Another option is second-hand sinks bought through dealers and various online stores. They are often in near-perfect condition and sold at a large discount on the market price. You can also buy cheap bathroom sinks if you buy various parts separately. You can get these parts at discounted prices and assemble them yourself.

Make sure you buy a good quality sink base and faucet as well. You can find great discounts and deals even if you buy them separately from bathroom discount retailers, discount warehouses, and online stores and retailers. All you will have to do is visit a website specializing in bathroom products or even a site like Amazon, and you can conveniently buy bathroom sinks at discounted prices.

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