Choosing The Best Bathroom Tiles

choosing bathroom tile

The bathroom is a place for recluses and needs to be designed for a relaxing time there. Apart from the basic fittings and the accessories and the importance of details one of the foremost important aspects of the bathroom design is the tiling. Choosing the tiles for a bathroom seems to be a very easy thing to do!! Just see what color and design you like and get the tiling done!! But on further use, it becomes quite apparent that you made the wrong choice.

So before buying the bathroom tiles get some basic knowledge about the various types of tiles, the various styles of designs, and the individual pros and cons of the specific tile (any item that you choose to buy).

The Best Type Of Tiles For The Bathroom

Ceramic bathroom tiles
Ceramic tiles are the best when they are used for bathroom flooring. Though sometimes the sizes of these tiles are uneven they are easy to clean and they do not harbor any germs. The ceramic tiles look good and are highly versatile, they are extremely durable, easy to install; and cheap as compared to their counterparts.

Mosaic bathroom tiles
The mosaic bathroom tiles look extremely beautiful and provide you with a lot of options and design variety. Setting up a mosaic design in the bathroom is nothing less than an art and you will need an expert to do the job for you thus proving to be costly. Moreover, with mosaics in your bathroom, it will become difficult to maintain them. It is however good if the mosaics are used in certain areas mixed with other tiles for a great look and appeal.

Stone bathroom tiles
There are various types of stone tiles available and hence a great variety and plethora of designs to choose from. The stone tiles are good to use and do not look so worn out easily, they can take a lot of wear and look fantastic for a long time. The stone bathroom tiles are available in various types of stone (natural as well as manmade) and also in various types of textures, finishes, and surfaces. Some good quality stone can be a bit expensive and once laid it is also hard and cold to the feet. The stone tiles are also generally heavy and need similarly strong construction and subfloor to hold on tightly and look great.

stone bathroom tile

Porcelain bathroom tiles
Porcelain bathroom tiles are the cousin of ceramic tiles. You can find a great variety in these tiles and it leaves a great choice for the designer to choose from. They are extremely tough and durable. Porcelain tiles are very popular in homes as well as commercial setups. These tiles however are not as easy to install as ceramic tiles and require an expert. You cannot do a DIY for them.

Laminate flooring
Laminate flooring is very easy to install and has a very durable quality. The laminate surface is easy to clean and has a wear layer above and a design layer beneath. The wear layer protects the layer beneath from any wear thus keeping the design and styling intact for a long time. It has great finishing and looks very neat and modern in the bathrooms.

Types Decorative highlight tiles to design great interiors

Strip border tiles- these are rectangular tiles that have great designs and can be used in contrast as well as in matching colors to create decorative borders in your bathroom.

Single highlight tile- A single highlight tile is a single bigger or same-sized tile that has a distinct design – a kind of artwork that is fitting at a prime location in the bathroom amongst the tiles. It works just like a photo frame on the wall and becomes an element of accent in the bathroom and attracts attention.

Decorative mosaic pieces to be inset amongst the regular tiling- a great decorative mosaic at the foot space under the sink or any such prominent place used creatively gives a very decorative highlight to the bathroom.

Insert wall tile- An insert wall tile are small tiles that are inserted into the tiling. They make the otherwise monotonous design look appealing.

tile bathing area

Bathroom flooring and bathroom tiles

The installation of bathroom tiles is the most important. It should be done properly by an expert. The leveling has to be even and any errors in leveling will lead to an accumulation of water in certain areas and you will never be able to have a completely dry bathroom.

Important things to be considered while choosing the tiles for your bathroom

Choose the bathroom tiles considering where you want to use them, for the flooring, walls, or the shower and the bath. Choose colors and sizes to mix and match such that they make a good combination that is in sync with the bathroom design. You might use different types and designs of tiles at each of these places in the bathroom but they must be well coordinated, either to create a great matching or an attractive contrast. The pieces should look like a part of the same puzzle. Choose the tiles that require minimum grouting. The grout gets dirty easily so it should be sealed immediately before it accumulates any dirt or dust.

If there are any elders or disabled people in the house it is advisable to have textured tiles that give some friction and a good grip to avoid slipping. The textured surfaces will also add to the look of the bathroom and give it a distinct and unique look.

How to clean and maintain the bathroom tiles

cleaning bathroom tile

Many people have the habit of scrubbing hard to clean various surfaces. Scrubbing too much or very forcefully can erode the tile finishing very quickly and it will soon lose luster and look dull and worn out. It is also not very advisable to use bleach on the bathroom tiles as the bleach will reduce the shine and the tiles will soon start to look worn off.

Vinegar is one of the best options to clean bathroom tiles. You can use it once in a while and the Vinegar will lift any mold formation and clean instantly without causing any abuse to the tiles. Pour vinegar in areas that have gathered mold, otherwise soak a sponge or cloth in undiluted distilled white vinegar and wipe the floor. Then wash clean with water.

For daily cleaning mild detergents and a soft sponge to scrub will be sufficient. Daily cleaning will reduce the mold built up and keep the bathroom tiles looking new for a very long time.

Avoid dropping heavy objects or shifting heavy furniture or vanity units by dragging them, this will leave irreversible and non-repairable scratches on the floor tiles.

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