Corner Bathtubs and Its Benefits

corner bathtub

For many people with hectic lives, it isn’t easy to find the time and space to relax and let the concerns of the day melt away. Many people yearn for a type of oasis in which they can find the peace and tranquility they need to unwind from the stress of work and family.

While the spa can offer many health benefits and help soothe tense nerves, the cost of spa treatments can quickly become astronomical. People need a refuge to which they can turn any time they need it, and many are finding solace within their own bathrooms. A corner bathtub is one of the main features of many of these bathrooms.

Corner bathtubs are ideal for large and small bathrooms alike. Many homeowners opt to design larger bathrooms when building their homes, but existing homeowners do not have the luxury of designing their bathrooms from scratch. These homeowners are faced with remodeling a predetermined, confined space.

Homeowners wishing to remodel their bathrooms have a specific amount of space to work. Whether the space or budget is tight, homeowners wishing to remodel will face certain limitations. This is one reason why corner bathtubs are such a great design element. These bathtubs can be designed to fit almost any space.

There are essentially four types of tubs from which homeowners can choose when building or remodeling a home. They may choose from built-in tubs, free-standing, soaking, and specialty tubs. Corner bathtubs are considered built-in tubs, and they are designed to set off a room.

Typically, corner tubs are drop-in tubs built into an angled deck. These bathtubs are designed to be placed in the corners of the bathroom and to fit curved spaces. Corner bathtubs can be made stand-alone or designed to fit the existing vanities or other cabinets in the bathroom.

Most corner tubs are 5 feet or 6 feet in length. Because these types of bathtubs require a lot of floor space, homeowners will want to ensure they have room in their bathroom for this type of tub. Homeowners can choose from bathtubs with a drain in the middle or on either side of the tub.

In most cases, corner bathtubs are unsuitable for an overhead shower. These kinds of tubs can accommodate two people comfortably. Whether an individual needs alone time in a relaxing atmosphere or wants to set a romantic mood, a corner bathtub can provide the perfect ambiance.

Corner bathtubs not only provide aesthetic appeal to the bathroom but also provide a functional purpose as well. In most cases, these tubs are installed under windows and are dropped into a deck. The deck encompassing the tub is a feature that provides easy access to soaps, shampoos, oils, and other cosmetics. The window ledge under which the tub is situated is ideal for plants or other decorative items. Corner bathtubs are easy to use, functional, and pleasing to the senses.

One thing I like about having a corner bathtub in the bathroom is that it simplifies cleaning the floor. Since the tub fits into angled spaces or between vanities or cabinets, the tub will cover these hard-to-reach areas. This is not only a better use of a small space, but homeowners no longer have to be concerned with trying to clean hard-to-reach areas. Cleaning the bathroom floors is made easier with the addition of a corner model.

Corner bathtubs can be a great addition to any home, whether a new home or an existing home. These bathtubs come in many designs and colors; therefore, homeowners should have no trouble finding the perfect corner bath for their space. These tubs range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

The cost of the corner tub will depend on the size and features of the tub. Homeowners desiring to use their bathroom space best may want to consider small corner bathtubs as a space-saving option.

While the upfront cost of an elegant corner bath can be a little bit expensive, this type of bath should be considered a long-term investment. Homeowners should consider the hours of relaxation, peace, and calm they could enjoy in their new tub. When individuals consider the cost of other relaxation methods, such as massage and various spa treatments, they will see that their new bathtub will pay for itself in no time. Having one’s own private, personal oasis into which one can retreat at any time is worth the cost.

Benefits of Corner Bathtubs

corner bathtub benefit

Modern bathroom design offers a wide range of exciting possibilities for adding decorative, stylish touches and increased comfort and functionality. Innovative ideas make remodeling your bathroom exciting, and nowadays, installing amenities in your private home can be done at a level of luxury no one would have imagined just a decade or two ago. One such exciting possibility offered to the homeowner is that of corner bathtubs. This article will mention some of the benefits such a tub provides.

Take a Moment to Relax
The number one benefit offered by corner bathtubs is the level of comfort and chance of relaxation they provide. After a long stressful day at work, you will cherish soaking up the warm water during a long bath. Afterward, you will feel brand new and re-energized. There is a reason that spas are becoming increasingly popular, as our lives are getting more and more hectic. Why not save the money spent on spa trips and create a peaceful oasis in your bathroom?

Big Enough for Two
A standard corner bathtub can accommodate two persons without a problem. This will give you and your significant other ample opportunities to spend peaceful and romantic evenings together. Such evenings should not be overlooked when securing a loving, long-lasting relationship.

Functionality, Appearance, and the Little Extra Benefits
The visual appeal of your bathroom will be greatly enhanced with a corner bathtub. Creating a modern look with seamless transitions is made easy by the fact that the tub is encompassed by a larger deck and that it is available in a wide selection of styles and colors.

The drop-in nature of the tub also provides space to store shampoos and soaps on the deck. Keeping these products within easy reach will make you feel relieved when you realize that you will not have to get them up to go get them.

A small thing worth noticing is the fact that installing a corner bathtub will make it easier to clean the bathroom floor. The corners of the floor are always the hardest to reach and clean, but installing the tub will remove one of these corners. It might be a small benefit, but you will surely appreciate it when you go through the hassle of cleaning.

Available in All Sizes
You need not worry if your bathroom is small, you need not worry since small bathtubs are available. In fact, not only are they available, but you will experience quite a selection. Not only small corner bathtubs but also designs such as soaking tubs, Crawford bathtubs, etc.

Installing a modern corner bathtub will provide comfort, functionality, and decorative flair, and you will be able to do it, no matter the size of your bathroom.

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