How to Choose the Best Bathroom Vanity

Choosing Bathroom Vanity

choosing bathroom vanity

Remodeling a bathroom is an excellent investment in the value of a home, and great furnishings can make a ho-hum bathroom into a luxurious spa. Most people can’t afford to have a designer come in, so knowing how to choose the best bathroom vanity for your situation becomes very important.

With a little time, some creativity, and some cash you can outfit the “little room” with panache, luxury, and style. Just remember that the bathroom vanity will be the focal point of your bathroom so this is something that you want to get right.

Decide What You Need in a Vanity

While you may have a definite vision for the way that your bathroom vanity should look, you need to make a list of the things that are important to you before you make a firm decision on style.

There are many things to consider.

  • Double or single sink
  • Storage
  • Style
  • Color
  • Material
  • Price range
  • Size
  • New or antique

Considering all these things will help you narrow down your choices. This is important because there are thousands of designs and styles.

Not only can you get your vanity locally, but you also have the convenience of buying it online from many manufacturers and companies. Many of these offer free shipping, discounted merchandise, and other benefits. Be sure that you understand the return policy completely, however. It can be frustrating to buy an expensive vanity, find out it doesn’t fit and be unable to return it.

Many of the online stores will match a competitor’s price on the same vanity. To get the best deals, don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek discounts that the store may not advertise.

Decide What You Want

Have you seen an image of a bathroom that you love? With the many styles and materials available, you can create nearly any look in your bathroom with the right vanity.

It can be a hard decision to make to look at lots of different images and find a style you love. You may not be able to get the same vanity, but you can more than likely replicate the look with something else. Bathroom vanities should have the same scale as the bathroom itself. Don’t put a huge Victorian vanity in a small bathroom or a tiny vanity in a cavernous one.

You can also create a bathroom vanity from antique furniture by replacing the top with marble, laminate, or other material.

Steps to Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

  1. Measure your bathroom and decide what size vanity you need. Getting the biggest one possible is often the best choice, especially for a master bath. Be sure to figure in space around the vanity for cleaning and other necessities like wastebaskets and toilet brushes.
  2. Unless you completely remodel the entire house, you probably need to consider its style and plan a bathroom that enhances it. There is a modern, traditional, country, and almost any other style. Choosing a complementary style will help the entire house have a cohesive feel.
  3. Consider the footprint of the vanity. If it has the same dimensions as the existing vanity, there won’t be a problem, but if your new piece is smaller, you may need to put in a new floor as well. If the budget is tight, you may want to be careful to stick with the same size and shape.
  4. Consider how much and what type of storage you need. A vanity with two small drawers and a large cupboard will not hold many items like makeup. This type might be fine in a guest bathroom but frustrating in a master bath where lipstick, face creams, and other supplies would be stored.

All about Vanity Drawers

wooden bathroom vanity

Glass Vanities

One of the hottest contemporary trends in bathroom design is the glass vanity and glass sink. With the sleek, modern look and ease of cleaning, these items bring a spa look to your bathroom. Glass vanities come in many colors; some are even hand-painted. They can be more expensive than some other options and may not be the best choice for families with children. Glass vanities are made to be somewhat durable, but they are, after all, glass.

Wooden Vanities

Wood vanities are versatile in every way. They can look contemporary, country, Victorian, rustic, or any other style that you would like. Some have marble or granite tops, while others have glass, ceramic, or laminate.

The wood can be carved, shaker style, or very plain. One of the benefits of wood bathroom vanities is that they can be stripped and restained or painted when you are ready to update your bathroom again. It is a sturdy material that is easy to care for and works well for most people.

Buying a great bathroom vanity with an update can be a great investment in your home, increasing its value quickly.

Don’t just do it for that reason, though. Buy what you like and create your dream bathroom today; life is short – living with what you love is less stressful than being frustrated with a room you hate daily.

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