How to Declutter the Bathroom Vanity

tidy bathroom vanity

The bathroom has always been a busy hub, second only to the kitchen; therefore, it can totally get out of control in a heartbeat.

You shower, you fix your hair, you brush your teeth, you do your makeup, and you probably share this bathroom with others in the household and all their bathroom routines as well.

If you are the one stuck cleaning this area, then you have probably versed your share of curse words. But there are ways to organize the bathroom vanity so that everything has a place and doesn’t end up in a jumbled mess.

It has to be very easy to access. I have always found that if it takes more than a quick opening of the drawer, then it ends up laying on the vanity or the floor. So, the trick is to make it easy to access, very visible, and something that looks good. You want people to use it, but you also want it to look clean and organized.

What is the Clutter?

The first step to dealing with this vanity clutter is to really look at what that clutter involves. You need to find out the most common habits. This will determine which container or storage units are best to use and likely to be used on a regular basis. There is no point in getting a fancy storage unit for makeup if it is too hard to use. So, make sure you really take note of the things that are causing the mess in the first place.

If the budget is very tight, you could simply head to the dollar store for some tiny plastic bins to line up on the countertop, or if your budget allows, you could spring for some cuter-looking storage ideas that you can buy online now. Below are some ideas that might work with your bathroom space. They will get rid of the clutter and look good.

clutter storage

Vanity Carousel for Makeup and Brushes

If your vanity is filled with makeup brushes and the associated supplies that go with them, then this carousel could be your answer. The best part I like about this little vanity top unit is that it turns so that you can find what you want right away while in front of the mirror.

There are separate little baskets to organize your things. If you use a lot of makeup brushes, then you can easily see them and grab them and put them back. You keep this on the surface, not under the sink or in a drawer, or on the back of the toilet (brushes have a habit of falling in the toilet so don’t put much on the back of the toilet if you can help it)

You don’t need much space to have this unit, and it can store so many things. It ticks off all the boxes, which are ease of use, likely to be used, and getting loose bits off the vanity top. Even hair clips and other things can live here and look good.

Over the Door Bathroom Organizer

over the door storage

If you do not have surface room, a small vanity, or no vanity, then this is another great place for storage. The pockets are cleanable plastic and it quickly and easily fits over the door to store many things. No nails or holes, making this great for a rented space too.

You see everything you need once the door is closed, and it is easy to grab. This works great for lotion bottles, and bulky items too that tend to take up a lot of room beside the sink. This keeps the room looking cleaner too.

Sink Skirt

If you have a very tiny bathroom space and simply no place to store anything, then you can create the storage space you need. You can use the over-the-door storage for your larger items, and then you can add a skirt to the sink.

If your bathroom is simply a sink with no vanity, then you can use double-sided tape or Velcro and add it so that it can be removed, which works perfectly for rental places as it causes no damage.

But adding a skirt not only adds some décor to an otherwise sterile-looking bathroom, but it adds hidden storage space. You can keep a basket under there for your supplies or towels or anything you want out of sight.

Retrofit Your Vanity Cabinet with a Portable Drawer Unit

This sliding drawer unit can turn that one cabinet door in your vanity into a split storage unit. You can place all your smaller things in the drawer unit, and the larger items can now sit on top. This unit is very handy for the bathroom or the kitchen too.

Many vanities will have a tall cabinet beside the drawers, or if your vanity is small it may only have one cabinet underneath with no shelves. This is a great way to find and make extra storage space that separates your supplies, making them easier to grab.

It is also a great idea if you rent your space. You can take this with you when you leave, and it doesn’t damage the vanity at all. It is a great way to keep your products organized and away.

Over the Sink Storage

over the sink storageover the sink storage

If your space is super limited, but you have a small vanity or counter area, then consider this over-the-sink storage. As you can see in the picture, it is the perfect way to keep things organized and off the counter. Much easier to clean too.

It uses that wasted space over and behind the faucet. I love this idea for the bathroom; you can also get these for the kitchen in different sizes. It keeps everything you need front and center.

The biggest trick to decluttering a bathroom vanity is to really take note of the type of clutter that occurs and get the right container that is accessible and easy to use.

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