How To Decorate Pumpkin Pie


Aside from apple pie, pumpkin pie is also one of the most sought-after pies, especially in the United States. It has been considered one of the prime foods eaten by many Americans. Aside from being one of the most anticipated foods, especially during holiday seasons, it has for centuries been considered one of their favorites. It is indeed a recipe that is perfect for any occasion and far more practical to be served because the making of pumpkin pie only involves simple preparation.

Pumpkin pie is a dessert that still remains to be popular. There are so many shops that sell pumpkin pies. Many families go for a one-stop-shop in buying a pumpkin pie but there are also some who want to add a little personal touch by making the pumpkin pie all by themselves. This is a great idea especially when you are going to serve it to your close friends or people who are dear to you.

Oftentimes, you will see a pumpkin pie plainly served to you by your friend. Just like what you can buy at any bakery store, you can see the pumpkin pies plain without anything embellished on its top. For a homemade pumpkin pie, if you plan to make one, you can also opt to decorate the pies to addmore classic look as it is already served. If you are running out of ideas on how to decorate a pumpkin pie, then here is the exact resource that you need.

The first stop is on the edges of the pie itself. Prior to filling the pie, you can already decorate the edges. There are several ways of decorating the pie edges. So here are some of the ideas.

The first one is the common way of shaping the edge which is done through pinching. Pinching the edge of the pie for about half of an inch is already pleasant to look at. You just need to trim the overhanging edges of the pie then start pinching. Go around the entire circumference of the piece then see how good it will result. Aside from pinching, you can also make variations such as following a scallop shape, or small leaves on the edge, or string-like. There just seem to have several ways of decorating the edge of the pie. If you got the creativity, then put it into action and see the result.

For the baked pumpkin pies, you can put whipped cream above. You donâTMt need to use icing because it will not just fit. You can get a pipe then pour in the cream then design it on top of the pumpkin pie. You can drop a small amount of cream on one corner and then put on small fruit above it. You can try adding cherries, small grapes, or strawberries to make the pie more tempting to look at.

There are just several ways of decorating a pumpkin pie. Aside from the whipped cream, you can just add small fruits, nuts, or raisins.

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