How To Make A Cake Box


One of the sweet thoughts that most people are doing is give cakes. It is already an accepted norm to give someone special or close to your heart something that will make that person happy. It will be even extra special when you bake the cake yourself, but you can also buy it from pastry shops. When giving a cake as a birthday present, expressing thanks or just plain thought of giving it is better to enclose it in a cake box. It is an added bonus using a cake box aside from the very fact that it can add thrill and excitement especially when you let the receiver guess how the cake looks. If it may sound interesting to you, you can at least try doing one.

Making a cake box can be fun and easy. With justfew folding, you can craft a cake box that will fit your cake size. When you are done you can add artistic touches and decorations. Just let your imagination spontaneously come out then you can have a well-designed cake box. When you are unsure and running out of time in making a cake box, you can also buy them. You can find different kinds and forms of cake boxes in the majority of the pastry shops. Be sure to choose a cake box that is an inch or two to three inches bigger than the cake size to give some space to the icing so it will not mess around. But if you have the time, creativity and materials, why not make your own cake box? Addingpersonal touch to it can sound much sweeter than buying it.

What You Need

In making a cake box, you will need the following:

  • heavy duty cardstock
  • wooden stick for creasing
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • pencil

You should begin by cutting the cardboard into two squares. Measure it using the ruler making sure that one is larger than the other. Get the square mark onto it and an even X shape from the corner.

Fold one corner into the center of the X then do for the remaining corners. Make a crease on all fold lines using a wooden stick. Following this is for you to fold two opposite points to the center of the X then bring the third point upright creating an upward point. Fold the corner inward toward the open side of the body. Bring the point to the center using the fold to secure both corners.

Straighten the corners and make sure that they are properly creased. Do the following folding and creasing on the remaining box. The larger box should be used as the covering lid of your cake box. You can place tissue paper inside the box so the cake will not mess up with the bottom layer.

After you’re done, you can add decorative ornaments such as stickers, ribbons, gift tags, and other paper embellishments. One important thing that you have to remember is to make sure that the cardstock you are going to use is strong enough to hold the weight of the cake.

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