Installing Shower Faucet Is Not That Hard

Install Shower Faucets

installing shower faucet

Installing a shower faucet isn’t a herculean task. If you know the right tricks, it is as straightforward as conjuring up a rabbit in mid-air. Here is a way to install a shower faucet in 7 simple steps.

Always clean the pipe thread and apply a new pipe joint compound. The wall must be impervious to moisture to keep the encircling of the shower faucet dry at each point. Clean the pipe thread always, then use the new pipe joint compound. Steps on a method to install a shower faucet are as follows:

You can use copper pipes, or you can decide to use PEX pipes. Then turn off the water supply and make a hole in the wall. Position the valve, so the UP indication points up, and attach the hot and cold pipes on all sides of the valve. Confirm that overheating does not happen when you are welding. Then place the valve in the wall and then attach the raised tube and spout pipe to the welded adapters.

Use a brass cap if the valve has no spout to block the outlet that isn’t to be used. Then to complete the installation of the valve, place the shower. To set the tap handle, slide it into the valve, then place the handle screw adapter in the cartridge, making use of the hexagonal key. To install the spout, turn the spout on the copper pipe, so the screw faces up. Then to check if there are no leakages, turn on the hot and cold water supply.

Then take the tap handle by turning the screw clockwise. This will be done with the aid of a screwdriver. If they are corroded or worn out, then take them to a retailer. If the brass screws are corroded you can replace them too. If they are worn out, you can reface them using the seat dress tool. As taps are available in various shapes and sizes do remember to install the right tap washer.

If it is a loud tap then the difficulty might be in the loose washer. In such cases, take the tap and tighten the washer.

The taps might be loud due to poor design and construction also. When threading the stem back into the tap body, try moving the stem up and down. If it moves, then the complete tap may want to get replaced. In washer-less taps, you will need to replace the working parts.

Shower Faucet Repair

repair shower faucet

The real thing when it comes to shower faucet repair is easy. Now, I am sure you have heard numerous tales of shower faucet repair problems from friends or family who’ve tried their hand at it.

But did you know why some folks don’t do well when it comes to such sort of shower faucet repair? It is due to the fact they did not do their homework well and simply dove headfirst into a job that they essentially know nothing about, and that my chum, is the most important mistake anybody can make. If you can turn on the tap, then you can do this. But to be ready, you’ve got to have a basic knowledge of how your tap is made. There are varied construction types, with the most typical ones requiring the employment of washers to control the flow of water.

From here, find out the damage and what tools and additional fixtures it would need. If there’s a need for anything to get replaced, get the replacements previously just because you would not need to go to war without the correct artillery. You know what happens to squaddies without guns in a war, right? They lose.

If in case you can’t find the brand name, you can take an image of the shower faucet and show it to the saleswoman.

Then describe the difficulty with the shower tap to the one helping you in the hardware store. They can offer tips and advice on how what sort of tools you want. So after you already have the things you need, it’s time to correct them. To switch off totally the water supply, look for the valve that is sometimes found under the sink.

This is vital because you’re going to get rid of little screws, and they would roll down the drain if you weren’t ready to catch them. Take the new one and then screw it in place by following the instructions in the manual that incorporates it.

You made sense of the science of the tap; it is now time for being creative to take over.

* Start by turning off the water supply to the tap. This is achieved by turning the main shut-off valve of the house in a clockwise direction.

* Take the cap fixed on the tap gingerly. You may now be ready to see the tap handle screw that predates the tap handle.

* In some taps, the handle is followed by a trim sleeve from the valve.

* You have now successfully reached the valve stem, with the end being the faulty washer. To try this, you will need to get the packing nut attached to the valve stem out of the way.

* In the event of washerless faucets, the cartridge needs replacement.

In each case, the new part must have the same dimensions as the old one.

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