Is Corner Bathtub Right For You?

stylish corner bathup

It will be elegant and stylish to use a gorgeous corner bathtub with marble or ceramic tile surround that is made expressly for the decor of your bathroom. When the bathtub is installed in the corner, your bathroom will appear larger because unused space is utilized more effectively and artistically than ever. You will grin every time you enter your tastefully decorated bathroom and see the area where your bathtub is located. Even when you aren’t using the bathroom, your bathtub nook will make you happier and more at ease.

Your guests will also be impressed by your cast iron corner tub’s beauty, style, and ingenuity and your bathroom’s design. Your bathroom’s bathtub corner will give the room a different look and feel. It is more creative than a traditional tub and gives you more walking space in your bathroom, leading to a more open look and feel. A corner tub also gives you many more decorating options by leaving you more usable open-wall space. Additional shelves, pictures, or even cabinets can be added to a bathroom by placing the bathtub in the corner.

Many corner bathtubs you will find online these days have jets to increase water circulation, which adds to your bathing experience. Warm water swirling around the body has been shown to increase circulation, which may help improve certain medical conditions and alleviate everyday aches and pains from exertion and muscle strains. People who exercise regularly find that bathing in a jetted tub helps their muscles to recuperate quicker, and it also helps to alleviate muscle soreness, known as DOMS, by helping to rid the body of built-up acids that are released during strenuous activity.

Corner Bathtubs Design

Corner bathtubs come in various colors, finishes, designs, and sizes. Almost anything is possible regarding a corner tub with a shower. You might be inclined to think strictly of a triangle regarding your bathtub corner, but they go far beyond that. While many of the corner bathtubs you will see on the market have a triangular shape as far as their perimeter is concerned, the inside of the tub may be circular, heart-shaped, kidney-shaped, oval, rectangular, or even irregular and asymmetrical. You might be surprised by the available variety.

You can also have fun with color when shopping for your corner bathtub dimensions. There are numerous colors to choose from, like ivory, cream, or white, through every color in the rainbow and even black. Your choice of color will help you create the sophisticated atmosphere you are looking for. You can shop for your perfect bathroom corner online, where you will find a massive selection of bathtubs in every style, size, color, and price range. You don’t have to spend a fortune to add style and sophistication to your bathroom with a corner bathtub.

48″ Corner Bathtub
48 inches corner bathtub

You need to plan when designing your bathroom for a 48″ corner bathtub. It is important to know that your bathtub is usually one of the first items to be installed when you remodel your bathroom, so you want to make sure you have chosen the right size tub and then order it online as soon as possible so you can move forward with the rest of the remodel. A surround for the tub usually needs to be constructed from wood and then may be covered with ceramic tile or another water-resistant material that fits the d√Écor of your bathroom.

You will also need to be sure to purchase any piping, fittings, and faucets that you will need to install the tub properly. You may want to check with the plumber to see exactly what sizes you will need unless you plan to do the work yourself, in which case you can get a DIY book from your local library and use that as a resource to help you install your 48″ corner tub properly.

These American standard corner bathtubs may be purchased in various shapes, colors, styles, and prices. When shopping for your new tub online you should view a variety of websites to compare the options they have available and see who will give you the best deal. Sometimes one site may have a lower price, but then another will have free shipping, which may save you more money. You want to be sure that the bathtub you choose is one you can and will enjoy for many years.

The 48 inches corner bathtub is often about 21 inches deep and measures 48 inches across (hence the name!), while other styles of bathtubs might range from eighteen to twenty-two inches deep. If you enjoy a relaxing bath at the end of a stressful day, you should be sure to choose a corner soaking tub that is deep enough for you to be able to soak your whole body from your tired, sore shoulders down to the bottoms of your achy feet. You might also prefer a whirlpool tub, air jets, or a Jacuzzi in your bathtub.

Luckily for you, remodeling your bathroom allows you to install a 48″ corner bathtub that will give you more space while also allowing you a much larger tub to relax in. Whether your bathroom is big or small, you may be able to fit a tub of this size in a corner because it takes advantage of what would otherwise be wasted space.

A beautiful Kohler corner bathtub like this will give you many years of pleasure and also helps to increase the value of your home. Remodeling your bathroom and including a corner bathtub is probably one of the best moves to increase your home’s value and make your bathroom a place of relaxation for you to enjoy as long as you live in the home.

Round Corner Bathtubs

round corner bathtubs

Of all of the different rooms of the home, the bathroom is typically the one that will be the most difficult to decorate. Even though you may have a clear idea of what exactly you want in your mind, the room is rather small, so you may be limited regarding what you can include on the inside. Some of us might be interested in something specific, such as round-corner bathtubs. If this is the case with you, some things must be considered.

There are two basic types of round bathtubs that you’ll have to choose from, and within those two types, you’ll have an almost endless number of options available for you. The first type is just the round soaking bathtub that is not designed to go into a corner but can be dropped into a platform built into the corner. These are typically the most popular, and some of them are shaped with a rounded front and more of a cornered back to make them look as if that is where they belong. In reality, however, you can install any bathtub into one of these platforms.

You also need to decide if you have enough room for a larger soaking bath or if you’re only going to have a smaller round bathtub shower that will be inserted into the corner. For the most part, circular corner soaking tubs will be the most popular option, but if you are limited in space, a smaller round tub can also give you a place to bathe without taking up too much of a footprint in this room. You may also be looking for one of the smaller round corner bathtubs that are a walk-in tub, particularly if you have difficulty stepping up over the ledge.

Some different optional items are also available for the circular corner soaking tubs. For example, if you can close off the area, you can have a shower assembly installed and provided you have a curtain, and will transform a simple tub into a dual-purpose area. You can also purchase these tubs as whirlpools, which many people enjoy to help make the experience more relaxing.

If you already have one of the round Kohler bathtubs in your home that is getting antiquated, it is also possible for you to restore it to an almost new finish. This is typically done by a professional, and although some restoration kits are available, they don’t tend to do as nice of the job.

A professional will prepare the entire area before painting the tub. Although there may be some residual chemical smell, the finished job is typically indistinguishable from the finish available on a brand-new tub.

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