Organizing Small Apartment Bathroom

small apartment bathroom

If you are renting your apartment or house and the bathroom is tiny, there are products that can make use of every square inch without damage to the walls or floors. You may stand in it and think “no way anything is fitting in here”, but with some creativity, you will be amazed. As many people downsize their homes these days, trying to get all our creature comforts into smaller spaces can be a challenge, but not impossible.

Many landlords will let you paint but they don’t want damage to the walls other than a few picture hooks. So, if you have a small apartment bathroom, then check out these ideas to make your space comfortable and useful and a great way to keep bathroom supplies in the bathroom where they belong and not in other rooms. This could be a serious issue if you are in there and run out of toilet paper!

Pedestal Sink Storage – Portable

Depending on your budget you could temporarily attach a sink skirt to hide rolls of toilet paper or other supplies. You could make this yourself or purchase skirts at department stores or online and create a color scheme with nice fabrics. But this other option is a great way to gain some storage and actually looks quite cool. An instant cabinet with doors to hide everything.

It doesn’t harm the walls or floors as it is temporary. But it would be perfect for any bathroom with a pedestal sink. As cute as these styles of sinks are, they are really not user-friendly when it comes to valuable storage space. Vanity has always been a good use of the space but if your apartment has a pedestal style, then consider this idea of an instant under-the-sink cabinet that can house a lot of your personal items.

Shower Curtain with Pockets

I absolutely love this! It is a great way to store random items that you need in the tub or shower, such as shampoos, sponges, kids’ toys, and clothes. They are mesh pockets and will keep the area around your tub clear of bottles. This is perfect if you don’t really have room for a storage pole with shelves, or if there are simply no shelves at all in the shower or tub area. No more trying to find the right bottle off the floor of your shower stall.

Beside the Toilet Floor Cabinet – Portable

This cabinet takes up very little space but is perfect for rolls of toilet paper or cleaning products or anything else you need to store in the bathroom. It also is portable and looks good. You could sit spare towels on it, or roll them up inside. It can be used for basically anything, and there is usually just enough space between the toilet and the wall or sink to fit this little guy that still allows you to store “like with like”.

Over the Toilet Storage Shelves – Portable

The space over the toilet is always a great place to add shelves or a built-in cabinet but if you are renting your space then you need something that will give you that same storage but in a more portable fashion that does not cause any damage to walls or floors or plumbing.

You can get simple shelves, but I thought this one looked very elegant and had a little closed-door space to store personal items. You can fit a lot of things on these shelving units. If you were able to get this over the toilet storage and the other items above, all of your tiny bathroom storage would be taken care of. It is amazing just how much you can squeeze into a tiny space without looking cluttered.

Over the Door Storage Baskets

If your tiny bathroom has a solid door then you could make more use of the back of it once closed. Many people will put hooks here for their robe or a towel, but if you get this style of over-the-door baskets, you can store almost everything you would need to get ready for work. One basket could be for makeup and another for hair supplies. This style has 6 available baskets, which is plenty of storage.

This is a great way to take advantage of the space behind the door. They don’t harm the door as they fit quite well in the space between the door and the jamb and can be simply taken down and moved with you if you leave.

Don’t Forget the Dollar Store for Ideas

bathroom towel basket

If your budget is very tight, there are other ways to organize a small apartment bathroom so that it looks stylish and yet functional. You can get stackable baskets to store towels, or a set of portable drawers for smaller items such as makeup and hair supplies, or if there is a small vanity in your space you could organize it with a vanity carousel to house everything you need.

Just figure out what is bothering you the most when it comes to lack of storage, and then take a trip to the store and go up and down the aisles and see what fits. They have all kinds of containers that could be retrofitted for a bathroom. I find the office section of a dollar store is filled with many storage container ideas that could work for any room. You can get little containers that can fit in drawers as well to separate items so nothing gets tangled.

Thrift Stores

This can be another great place to check out for some second-hand ideas for storing all kinds of items in your place. It is worth looking at small drawer sets or baskets that you could repaint and repurpose. It all depends on just how tiny that space is.

Organizing a tiny bathroom doesn’t have to be a huge task, but it wouldn’t hurt to sort it first. Are there products that you could throw out? Do you replace the shampoo but leave the empty bottle kicking around? Maybe do a little “purge” and get to know just what you own and need storing and then get creative.

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