How To Stop Leaky Shower Faucets

stop leaky faucet

Stopping A Leaky Shower Faucet ‘Wet wet wet’ – Remember the music group best known for tugging at the heartstrings with their soul-stirring numbers? Well, guess what? They are back, not on the music scene, but in my bathroom! This might sound blatantly absurd, if not comical to you. Still, the fact remains that a … Read more

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Vanity

wooden bathroom vanity

Choosing Bathroom Vanity Remodeling a bathroom is an excellent investment in the value of a home, and great furnishings can make a ho-hum bathroom into a luxurious spa. Most people can’t afford to have a designer come in, so knowing how to choose the best bathroom vanity for your situation becomes very important. With a … Read more

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom

wheelchair accessible bathroom

Provides Independence, Mobility, and Self-Confidence How would you truly feel if you wanted to use a restroom but couldn’t get in the door? This is the trouble wheelchair patients end up in, more often than not. Rent an apartment. The bathroom will likely be too small, and the door too narrow for access. Buy a … Read more

Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom remodeling budget

Bathroom Remodeling 101 Remodeling your bathroom allows you to create a personal, intimate space to enjoy spending your time in. On the other hand, it can also go a long way in increasing the value of your home as and when you consider selling it. One way or the other, remodeling a bathroom can be … Read more

Choosing a Toilet Roll Holder

fixing toilet roll holder to the wall

A toilet roll holder must accompany almost every toilet in the developed world. They come made in metal, plastic, and wood and vary in style from the mundane to the fantastic. As stupid as it sounds, a toilet roll holder actually has to do quite a demanding job. There is no other bathroom fixture that … Read more

Uncommon Bathroom Sinks

bamboo bathroom sinks

Triangular Bathroom Sinks Sometimes triangular bathroom sinks are the most useful for a bathroom remodeling project. You can gain extra space by placing a triangular bathroom sink in the room’s corner. Yet, the user will not be forced to bump an elbow against the wall to use that corner sink. Triangular bathroom sinks are especially … Read more

Bathroom Remodeling the Easy Way

easy bathroom remodeling

So you want a new bathroom As a kitchen and bath designer, I often get newbies walking into the showroom. They usually have a slightly stunned, vacant look on their faces as they slowly take in all the colors and choices that lay before them. Chrome versus brushed nickel, size of the vanity, coordinating the … Read more

How to Declutter the Bathroom Vanity

tidy bathroom vanity

The bathroom has always been a busy hub, second only to the kitchen; therefore, it can totally get out of control in a heartbeat. You shower, you fix your hair, you brush your teeth, you do your makeup, and you probably share this bathroom with others in the household and all their bathroom routines as … Read more

Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

modern bathroom vanities

When designing a new bathroom or redesigning one, it is wise to look at contemporary bathroom vanities to get the best results from your project. You can take many design themes, such as antique or ultra-modern. I like ultra-modern designs which use a lot of glass and bowls made out of glass or carved out … Read more