Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling 101

remodeling your bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom allows you to create a personal, intimate space to enjoy spending your time in. On the other hand, it can also go a long way in increasing the value of your home as and when you consider selling it. One way or the other, remodeling a bathroom can be fun, allowing you to express your creative ideas and add a personal touch to your bathroom.

However, before you start your bathroom remodeling project, here are some important aspects you need to consider. Remodeling your bathroom can be as expensive or as cheap as you would like. However, planning your remodeling ideas around certain aspects, you’ll need to consider is important.

Whose Bathroom Is It?

The bathroom design needs to cater to all the people who use the bathroom. A family bathroom would have different requirements than a private bathroom. If more than two people use the same bathroom, you may consider having the shower area separate from the toilet area so that different people can use both simultaneously.

If this is a bathroom for small children, it’s important to have a bathtub, shorter vanity, and sink. Also, many parents like their children’s bathrooms to have a kid-friendly design.

If this is a bathroom for adults, it’s important to have a shower and bathtub (if desired.) Many adults have a specific taste in bathroom decor, so the bathroom must appeal to their taste.

If this is a bathroom for a senior, it is important for accessibility features such as a bathtub that allows for front entry. There are many other features in a bathroom that can be made more accessible for the elderly such as lowered sinks and vanities. More shower bars should be made available, as well as a toilet with handrails. There should also be much space in a bathroom designed for an elderly person.

In What Condition is the Bathroom?

bathroom remodeling project

How much remodeling is required will depend in large measure on the present condition of your bathroom. If you only want to refresh the look of your bathroom, your remodeling needs will likely be minimal. On the other hand, if you need a significant makeover, you can redesign your bathroom space completely.

It is also important to consider the condition of the bathroom when it comes to building materials. For some, there is a risk of asbestos being released while remodeling a bathroom if the bathroom is in an older home. Another point for those with older homes is lead-based paint.

Since lead-based paint can’t be sanded like more modern types of paint due to inhalation poisoning, those with lead-based paint need to find a removal process that fits their needs. For those with older types of heating in their bathrooms, such as radiators, alternate options, such as ventilation heating, should be considered at this time.

Will You Need Help?

It is important to decide whether or not you need the expert help of professionals. If you are considering changing the look and feel of your bathroom, you could probably handle the complete bathroom remodeling project entirely on your own. On the other hand, if you need major renovation and structural changes, it is best to involve a professional in the project.

A renovation project can sometimes cost more through the do-it-yourself route than it can through a professional. This can occur for many reasons, such as the contractor being able to get building materials at bulk (lower) prices.

Also, if a homeowner were to do it themselves and mess up, they could waste materials and a lot of time and eventually have to hire a professional. It is best to resolve whether or not a professional will be needed before starting the project so that the homeowner can book any appointments with professionals and know what the project will cost ahead of time.

What is Your Budget?

bathroom remodeling budget

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of bathroom remodeling you need to consider. A minor facelift doesn’t need to be expensive, and you can creatively use inexpensive materials and ideas to remodel your bathroom.

On the other hand, if you are considering a major makeover, there are methods of controlling your costs even when you hire professional help. For instance, you can buy all the required materials for remodeling yourself instead of having your contractor do so.

For those where cost is not an issue, there is much more freedom in designing a bathroom. For those on a smaller budget, the design won’t be as elaborate, but you can still have a nice design bathroom.

There are many different aspects to remodeling a bathroom. You must remodel your bathroom correctly to avoid any additional expenses from damage caused by not doing things correctly.

It is important to consider your budget and the cost of supplies before starting a large project so that work doesn’t have to be halted mid-project. It is also important to design a bathroom around the people using it.

Remember, hire a professional if you do not know what you’re doing! Those who blindly go into do-it-yourself bathroom remodeling incur additional costs and hire a professional to fix their mistakes.

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