Ultimate Toilet Buying Guide

toilet buying guide

A toilet is an important thing that you need in your house. In today’s market, more toilets have been designed, so there are a lot of options to choose from. A toilet that might be great for you might not be ideal for someone else. This means that every individual has a preference when it comes to choosing the ​best toilet. So, if you are building your new house or thinking of upgrading your current toilet, there are many modern designs that you can choose from.

What You Should Really Know

When you move into a new home, you want changes that suit you. Home renovation is a simple way to do that. Often one of the areas that you’d love to change or improve is the toilet. The reason is simple; toilets are one of the most frequently used places in any home – the wear and tear could be so immense that without an improvement it would really look awful.

​Even so, most of us find it really hard to make these changes. The changes might include the purchase of new toilets to just simple cleanups. This simple guide will provide you with some quick need-to-know pointers when you are working with the ​​​market-leading toilet. The guide is good for dummies and also experienced homeowners. It sheds light on many vital toilet tips.

Getting Started

​You can choose a new toilet – basically, if you don’t like the old one or the old one is really worn out. In order to get the ​perfect toilet, you should always start somewhere. These simple questions will help you to get started on toilets.

Who is Your Toilet For?​

​Who are you building the toilet for? Is it for kids, adults, or physically challenged people? This question will determine the type of features that your toilet will have including seating styles and raised or low designs.

​What are You Doing to the Toilet?​

​If you just moved in your intention could vary – this question determines whether you are building a new home toilet, remodeling it, or replacing the toilet. Often, a replacement of the toilet can leave you with the same type but remodeling allows you to change the design of the toilet.

​Who will Be Using the Toilet?

​Who you are building your toilet for and who will be using it is different. An adult toilet could be used by kids when assisted, the elderly, or physically challenged people. Additionally, you could find guests too.

​What Cleaning System Do You Want?

​Again, the reality is, that most of us don’t like cleaning the toilet. Therefore you must know where you fall. If you are good with it, you won’t need a customized / trigger cleaning system. But if you don’t, the opposite is true.

​Why Should You Have the ​Top Toilet?

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​The above questions allow you to get a ​​nice toilet for your home. The benefits of this are far-reaching.

​First, you will be able to flush all your waste away without much worry. This is true since the toilet that you choose will have the right levels of pumping power which is very important in providing your toilet with the right efficiency.

​Again, the​ best toilet will help you to conserve a lot of water. This will leave you with easy pay-up water bills as every flush will be quite efficient. In fact, you could end up with a dual flush toilet that eliminates waste for less than a gallon of water with every flush.

​Also, with the ​wonderful toilet, maintenance is just a hassle process. You would know what to do differently, how to do it, and when it should be done. This allows you to have an efficiently working toilet in your home every single day.

​Finally, you will be very comfortable. Because it is custom-made, a good toilet will be comfortable enough. You won’t have to worry about cleaning the toilet as it might have a trigger system and you won’t feel skin impressions on your legs as the seat is ideal.

Considerations When Buying the Right Toilet

​In order to buy your ​superb toilet, you must know which factors to keep in mind. Trust us when we say that not every buyer will afford the priciest toilet. Here are the most important factors to go with.


​The ​high-quality toilet will come with other additional functionalities including ease of use, high style stability, water use efficiency, and the ability to keep odors at a minimum. Always go for a toilet that you can afford. Have a budget and shop in line with your laid-out budget.

Ease of Use

​No toilet is permanent; the more reason is that you should have an easy-to-use toilet installed. A toilet that is easy to maintain, flush, clean, and uses minimal water to flush wastes will be your idyllic choice. Some toilets back up easily and leave so much mess after use.

​Design/ Style

​What design do you want? Do you want a raised or low toilet? What is the toilet seat style that you need? Is it an oval or round seat? All these factors will determine the design. It is important that you choose a style that tones up your home décor and also serves your needs.


​You don’t want a toilet that is not comfortable. A toilet that’s of the right size and height should be comfortable. It will allow you to feel easy after use. Whether for kids, the elderly, or people living with disabilities, a ​​nice toilet should leave them with no strains at all.


​You don’t have to clean your toilet every single day, especially if the cleaning must be done manually. A ​high-quality toilet should be able to keep the odor at a minimum with every flush. This is a very important aspect of a great toilet; as it keeps the environment really healthy.

What Aspects Do ​Top Rated Toilets Have Today?

top rated toilet

There are very many new improvements that the ​​​top toilets have today. As you will find out and compare to the past types, the most recent toilet designs have the following things to boast about.

​Flushing Power: Although the main standard design sits at 1.6 gallons per flush, many homes today are equipped with 3.5 gallons per flush toilets which is very wasteful. Going for the modern design of 1.6 gallons is efficient and also very powerful.

​Better Toilet Parts: Modern toilets have many more improved working parts. These create a higher level of water movement and power generation within the bowl. This will leave you with a cleaner experience with less water waste and above all small bills.

​The Automatic Parts: Today’s models also have many automatic parts. These parts include automatic flushing, lid lifting, and cleaning options. This makes the toilet experience really enjoyable and will help you to have more customized options too.

Final Verdict

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There are so many changes that are taking place in the current market. This is an advantage to customers who are looking forward to upgrading their toilets because there are various options at very low prices. ​

Because it will be pretty difficult to choose a ​​​​quality ​toilet, this guideline has made your work easy now. You can spend less time searching for the top-rated toilet and end up with a perfect product that you will enjoy using.

Overall, these are our recommended toilets that will almost suit the needs of every buyer. It doesn’t matter which toilet you end up with, as long as it is on this list, consider it a top-notch toilet. ​

Do your homework well and examine the features that distinguish these toilets. By doing this, you will get the upper hand in choosing a personalized toilet.

​Getting the best toilet isn’t easy. But with the right help such as what we have presented here today. The game becomes really simple. All you need to know is to follow the right tips from the experts.

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