Uncommon Bathroom Sinks

Triangular Bathroom Sinks

triangular bathroom sinks

Sometimes triangular bathroom sinks are the most useful for a bathroom remodeling project. You can gain extra space by placing a triangular bathroom sink in the room’s corner. Yet, the user will not be forced to bump an elbow against the wall to use that corner sink.

Triangular bathroom sinks are especially useful when turning a small area into a powder room or half bath.

Wall Mounted Triangular Bathroom Sinks

A wall-mounted sink is one solution for a tight corner. A corner sink can be as narrow as 15-16 inches and only a foot deep. This takes minimal space in a small bathroom but allows quick wash-ups or teeth brushing.

Corner Cabinets with Triangular Bathroom Sinks

A second possibility is to place a small corner cabinet. Run the pipes through the cabinet, and set a triangular bathroom sink on top. These vessel bathroom sinks to make a bold design statement and require little space. Even if you have a great deal of space, a triangular bathroom sink sitting on top of a cabinet like a fine china can be a step toward elegance. The look can also be nostalgic, as though you reached into history for an antique wash basin and pitcher.

Small Triangular Bathroom Sinks in Corner Vanities

A stylish corner vanity will hold a triangular bathroom sink in the smallest of washrooms – and look modern doing it. A unit of this type would probably look best in a business setting or a no-nonsense bathroom.

small triangular bathroom sinks

Elegant Triangular Bathroom Sinks in Corner Vanities

If space is adequate, you may consider a more elegant unit with a triangular bathroom sink in a triangular vanity. We saw three types:

These corner sink vanities, like antique dressers, have marble tops and carved rounded fronts. Some have hand-painted doors that look like Victorian-era postcards. Asian vanities in this category have sleek, minimalist lines and hold a triangular bathroom sink vessel on a “floating” cabinet top. A modern corner vanity is also sleek, in white or black. As with the Asian vanity, the triangular bathroom sink is a vessel on a shelf “suspended” above the vanity.

Y-Mounted Triangular Bathroom Sinks

You might want this triangular bathroom sink for an extremely space-age, modern look. Unlike most triangular bathroom sinks, this one has the point of the triangle toward the user rather than in the corner. It would not work in a corner, but in polished stainless steel, it makes a bold statement in a modern setting.

Beauty or Usefulness

Whether chosen for beauty or usefulness, triangular bathroom sinks can change a dull, boring bathroom into a conversation piece.

Bamboo Bathroom Sinks

bamboo bathroom sinks

Bamboo bathroom sinks are a great way to bring an oriental theme into a bathroom. These vanities, in which a porcelain sink may be set, are usually made of other woods. Bamboo is added for accents along the bottoms and middles of the doors.

Vanities in bamboo for bathroom sinks can help set a peaceful tone in your bathroom. Whether you choose light or dark wood, the bamboo lines are often associated with images gently bending in a soft breeze. These sinks are excellent in spas.


Bamboo bathroom sinks are gaining popularity, partly because bamboo is an eco-friendly wood source. Unlike other trees that take years to mature, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. During the spring shooting season, its growth has been measured at nearly four feet in one 24-hour period. Bamboo is a reed, not a tree. When people buy bamboo bathroom sink vanities, they do not have to think about destroying a forest.

Bamboo Bathroom Sink Styles

You have choices of various styles when looking for bamboo bathroom sink vanities.

You might choose an entire, floor-to-ceiling bathroom sink unit in a classic, blonde Asian bamboo finish. Plumbing runs through the unit’s bottom, while the top houses a mirror flanked with shallow cabinets. The bathroom sink is an oval glass bowl on top of the bamboo vanity. It drains through a wooden chest that “floats” above the floor. Bamboo bathroom sinks like these are manufactured by Porcher.

If you prefer dark wood, the bathroom sink might be a floor-set, solid mahogany wood vanity with a dark finish and dark bamboo accents. The sink, in a color of your choice, is set down on the vanity, with doors beneath it. Kohler makes these.

You can buy free-standing, light-colored vanities for an even simpler style in bamboo bathroom sinks. These hand-crafted bamboo vanities sit on legs, 6″ or above the floor. With glass doors set in light bamboo, these bathroom sinks give the bathroom an open, light feeling. We could not find the manufacturer, but your home improvement store will have catalogs.


bamboo bathroom sinks faucet

Bamboo bathroom sink faucets will carry your theme further. These clever faucets look like upright sections of bamboo intersected by second, angled sections through which water flows into the sink or tub. On some, the top of the bamboo is removed at the end of the faucet, allowing water to bubble out as it does in oriental bamboo fountains. Bamboo sinks, tubs, and shower faucets are in burnished nickel or bamboo wood color.


Other fixtures harmonizing with bamboo bathroom sinks include toilet tissue holders, toilet tank handles, towel racks, and shelves. All of these are available in silver, gold, copper, and dark bamboo hues.

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