Update Your Bathroom Without Overspending

Bathroom Updates for Less

budget bathroom remodel

Bathroom and kitchen redos are more attractive and important to future prospective homebuyers than any other redecorating projects. Even if you’re not thinking about selling your home, these are two areas where a room rejuvenation is most appreciated by guests.

Getting a new look in your bathroom doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. The bathroom decorating tips and tricks below can help you create a totally new look without costing a lot.

Replace the Mirror

Your bathroom mirror is looked at or into more than anything else in the room, so what better place to start your decorating project? If you have one of those old, large mirrors, consider replacing it with a smaller one with a decorative frame. If you’ve already gone that route, how about looking for a sleek new frame? If it’s a kid’s bathroom you’re decorating, try several smaller mirrors at different heights and positions for a fun and exciting view.

Change the Color

Paint is cheap, and most bathrooms don’t require much paint, so refresh walls, cabinetry, wainscoting, and accessories with a fresh coat of paint. Try some unique and personalized decorative painting techniques if you have an artistic side. Think beyond the walls and paint anything that can be painted. It’s a quick, inexpensive way to make the whole room look different.

New Hardware

Replacing bathroom hardware, faucets, and towel bars is a pretty easy task and isn’t too expensive. Spend a little time and money, and you’ve got a clean new look that sparkles.

Clean the Clutter

Over time we all accumulate stuff, no matter what room it is. Clean your bathroom of all clutter, whether essential products or decorative touches. Then find new storage options for your necessities and replace all of your decorative touches with simple items.

Updated Lighting

Don’t only change outdated lighting fixtures, but change the bulbs as well. Get energy-efficient light bulbs that give off a slightly different glow and you’ll see your bathroom brighten in unexpected ways.

cheap bathroom lighting

New Accessories

Changing bathroom accessories is one of the most obvious ways to give your bathroom a new look. Go beyond towels, shower curtains, and bath mats to new curtains, decorative touches, and perhaps even some intricate stenciling to create a totally updated bathroom.

Get creative with your bathroom redecorating project and try to see what the room can be as opposed to what it actually is. Use one, several, or all of the bathroom redecorating tips above to create an entirely new look for your bathroom.

Budget Bathroom Decorating

budget bathroom decoration

Remodeling a bathroom can be one of the most expensive interior decorating projects in your home, but you can give your bathroom a fresh, new look without spending a lot. Before you begin, clean your bathroom from top to bottom. You’ll definitely be happier with the way it looks when you know it’s clean.

Next, it’s time to freshen up your old grout and caulk. Renewing these elements gives your existing floor and fixtures a little new life. It’s cheaper than purchasing a new tub or sink and much easier than pulling up old tiles and laying new tiles.

If you have linoleum, consider replacing or recovering it. Peel and stick squares are inexpensive and very easy to lay. In just a weekend, you can have an entire bathroom floor without spending a lot of money or effort.

Paint is obviously a great way to rejuvenate any room, but a little bit of faux finishing or decorative painting will add even more visual impact and doesn’t cost much more than a solid coat of paint. If you have painted shelves or a vanity, freshen that paint as well, maybe even change the color.

If your vanity is bare wood, a coat of paint is a great way to change its appearance. Remember to use a good primer when working with wood and select paints for use in bathrooms or other moist areas.

Use your towels as decorating items. Don’t spend a lot on new towels, skip the luxury and go for style. Select contrasting colors that visually pop when hung against your newly painted walls. If you’re looking to brighten a bathroom, select white towels and accessories and a darker wall color. Dirt is less likely to show on the darker walls, and the white appliances, towels, and accessories will appear crisp and fresh.

As long as you’re updating your towels, you should spend a little more and update the other accessories. Buy a new shower curtain, bath mat, soap dish, etc. Don’t spend a lot on these items, as they can be found at almost every discount department store and even some dollar stores; instead, look for items that are dramatically different in color, style, and form from your previous decorations.

budget bathroom accessories

Keep your bathroom decorations simple; fussy knickknacks and dried floral arrangements really don’t have a place in bathrooms and only serve as dust collectors. Use bath items as decorations instead. Colored lotion bottles and bubble baths are functional and can be attractive when organized properly.

Decorative soaps are nice but rarely used; you should find attractive bottles and refill them with liquid soap. Turning functional items into works of art or attractive pieces in small rooms is much more important than filling the space with useless trinkets.

And finally, replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient ones that not only brighten those dark corners but also save you money.

Following these few tips, you can redecorate your bathroom for a few hundred dollars rather than thousands and still wind up with a dramatically different room.

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Repurposing and Recycling

Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to be a budget-busting endeavor. In fact, there are several creative and cost-effective ways to give your bathroom a fresh look without overspending. Here are some insights into how you can repurpose, recycle, and incorporate sustainable elements into your bathroom update.

Upcycling Old Furniture for Storage Solutions

One of the easiest ways to update your bathroom without breaking the bank is to upcycle old furniture for storage solutions. You’d be surprised at how a vintage cabinet or an unused bookshelf can transform into a stylish and functional storage unit for your bathroom essentials.

I recently revamped my own bathroom by repurposing an old wooden dresser. After a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware, it became the perfect vanity with ample storage space. This not only saved me money but also added a unique and personalized touch to my bathroom.

When considering furniture for upcycling, keep an eye out for pieces with solid construction. With a little creativity and some DIY skills, you can turn them into beautiful bathroom storage units. Plus, repurposing furniture is an eco-friendly way to update your bathroom as it reduces waste and promotes sustainability.

Reusing Existing Tiles with Creative Patterns

Tiles are a significant component of any bathroom, and replacing them can be a costly endeavor. However, you can give your bathroom a fresh look by reusing existing tiles in creative ways. This not only saves money but also minimizes the environmental impact of producing and disposing of new tiles.

Consider creating unique patterns or designs with your existing tiles. For instance, you can mix and match different tile sizes and colors to create an eye-catching mosaic backsplash or an accent wall. This can breathe new life into your bathroom and make it feel like an entirely different space.

In my own bathroom update, I reused some extra subway tiles from a previous project to create a stylish border around my mirror. It added a touch of elegance without the need for new materials. So, take a closer look at your existing tiles and explore how you can use them creatively to refresh your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Incorporating Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Elements

Another fantastic way to update your bathroom while being environmentally conscious is by incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly elements. There are several eco-conscious choices you can make when updating your bathroom that not only benefit the planet but can also save you money in the long run.

One of the easiest switches to make is to opt for low-flow fixtures. These water-saving faucets, showerheads, and toilets not only reduce your water consumption but also lower your water bills. Plus, they often come in stylish designs that can enhance your bathroom’s overall look.

Consider using eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or reclaimed wood for bathroom accessories and decor. These materials not only add a natural and soothing element to your bathroom but also promote sustainable forestry practices.

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