Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

A Floating Vanity Gives the Impression of Space and Clean Lines

wall mounted bathroom vanity

Now that the cooler weather is here in my neck of the woods, we have decided to turn our attention to some much-needed indoor work.

We have decided to upgrade the bathroom sink and vanity as they have seen better days but were overwhelmed by all the choices. Some vanities were so large; at first, I thought they were kitchen islands! Our house was built in 1972 and although we are blessed with 2 bathrooms, there simply is not room to install these larger space takers. We couldn’t find one that was the same measurement as our present one, they were all larger.

We started migrating more towards these wall-mounted bathroom vanities as an option. They don’t stick out from the wall as far as many of the standards the floor ones do, and this was very important to us as we have a doorway that limits the depth. We don’t have room for those bulky heavy wood styles or heavy designs.

What I do like about these “floating vanities” is how they make a small bathroom seem larger. I think it is because the floor looks continuous instead of being broken up with cumbersome vanity legs. You still get the storage; maybe not quite as much as a standard one, but it does utilize the space well.

I did go shopping for some ideas and was really impressed with this kind of installation.

18.5 inches Deep White Floating Vanity with Sink and Faucet

This one is not deep which is perfect for compact bathrooms or long and narrow ones like ours. We simply don’t have the depth for any of the floor models, and the clean white lines would work and there are 2 drawers. The sink comes with this unit ready to install on the wall.

No more stubbing your toe first thing in the morning while brushing your teeth! Makes floor cleaning easier too and you have a place for your feet while standing in front of it.

Modern Look with Tempered Glass Top

If you want your vanity to be front and center and really modern looking, this is another option. I love this design, but I do know you need to be careful when cleaning this type of glass so as to not use abrasives or it will scratch, just a damp cloth. So this might not be the best option if you have a family and little kids giving this sink a complete workout on a daily basis.

Mounted Bathroom Vanity with Vessel Sink

wall mounted bathroom vanity with vessel sink

I absolutely love the look of this style of vessel sink, which basically means the sink sits on top of the vanity instead of an under-mount. They are chic and sleek, but I personally find them a little messy with the water for spillage. When I am washing my face, it tends to escape the bowl! If it is for a 2-piece bathroom which will not be your main one, it would be awe-inspiring, but for my need right now, we prefer the under-mount style of the sink for everyday business.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Faucet

This is another great space saver. By mounting it on the wall you save that room at the back of the sink. If space is an issue (especially the depth in our case) then mounting these on the wall gives you that extra space and they look cool too! If you have a depth problem, as we do, then attaching a faucet to the wall will take care of at least 6 inches if not more.

Simple Mounted Sink with No Vanity

If you truly have a small space and don’t need the storage of vanity, you can get these chic and modern sinks that simply attach to the wall. Perfect for that small 2-piece powder room, where storage is not an issue and takes up little room without looking ugly.

It is only 9 inches deep, so takes up very little room and leaves your floor empty.

Utilize the Wall Space – Make a Small Bathroom Functional

Another thing about vanities, is they get messy! If you are redoing yours, then you really need to take note of everything you do at the sink, including hair appliances and products, etc.

If you do not have the square footage in your bathroom, you should start looking at the wall more. There are so many ways to mount things on the wall to house most things you use.

Hairdryer Mount

This small appliance bracket mounts on the wall, and if you put it at the right height it will become second nature to use it every day to house your curling iron, hairdryer, brushes, and more. This keeps things off the surface so that maybe you don’t need that large bulky vanity after all!

Have a Clean Out and Reorganize!

It is amazing just how many things accumulate in bathroom vanities, especially the under-the-sink part and the drawers. Old makeup, broken items, and empty product bottles to name a few items. Before you make a decision on the type of bathroom you want, have a good clean-out. Go in there armed with a garbage bag and then see what is left and what you personally use each day.

Before You Knock Down Walls – Try to Work with the Present Foot Print To Save Money

Then look at small bathroom storage ideas, and then look at over-the-door storage and wall mounts to house as many items as you can and make them easy to use. You can then get a wall-mounted bathroom vanity or sink and make that small space seem larger, sleeker, and cleaner.

Before you start taking down walls to renovate this space to make it larger, see if you can truly work within the present footprint by utilizing the wall space more. This is my plan!

We all need to watch our money these days. With some careful planning and surfing the internet, you can find some really cool ideas to utilize the space you have. If everything has its place it can work.

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