Ways to Survive A Small Bathroom

small bathroom pink tub

The bathroom I have to use right now is from the 50s, complete with a pink tub and shell-shaped vanity sink.

I can’t afford a renovation right now, so for now, this tiny little space has to work, and after a few tweaks here and there, I found different storage ideas and ways to organize our products and accessories so that we are not tripping over them or trying to clean around them.

Many things, such as tiny little baskets for cosmetics, can be purchased at the dollar store and can help you immediately. It is one very easy way to keep your little countertop clear. But many people have small bathroom spaces, so here are five quick and affordable ways to help organize your small bathroom.

Adding affordable storage products will help keep your small space organized and neat, especially first thing in the morning when you are trying to get ready for your day.

Cosmetic Carousel

I found this one to be a big winner. It sits on such a tiny piece of space, holds everything, and turns like a lazy Susan. You can use it for everything you leave sitting on your vanity. This stops things from cluttering up your space and makes them easier to see as you can assign each little compartment with “like and like” objects so that you find them quickly.

When it comes time to clean your bathroom, you lift this off the vanity, or it will even fit on the back of the toilet if you do not have a vanity space. It is sturdy and looks good.

You can use it for your hair dryer attachments, accessories, or anything. It shows cosmetics and such in the picture but thinks of everything cluttering your space right now. Even your hair brush takes up space lying around the counter, they can all fit in here, and spin it around to find what you need in a flash.

Over the Door Storage

In a small space, it can be hard to find storage. When we first moved in, many things ended up staying in the bedroom, which meant back and forth, and sometimes we would be tripping over each other first thing in the morning.

There was a cheap rusting mirror on the back of our bathroom door, so we took that down, got rid of it, and then used the back for more soft storage. These pockets are big enough to store small appliances such as your hairdryer or anything else you need.

Once you close the door, you have everything on hand for yourself. You can get these in different-sized pockets so that you can also use them to store extra toilet rolls or hand towels, or even bathroom cleaners, basically anything.

Shower Caddy

This is nothing new they have been around a long time, but this one has lots of room. If you have different shower and shampoo products floating around in the corners of the tub or the floor of your shower, this is a safer and easier place to store them.

I love how a “his and hers” caddy could be on either side of the showerhead. Getting everything out of the corners and off the floor makes cleaning the bathroom easier. I hated cleaning day in there because I would have to move so many bottles and razors around.

Having a place for everything just makes life easier for using your products and keeping the small bathroom space clean and organized.

Hair Dryer Storage

Back in the 50s, no hair dryers and curling irons are used so much today. So, they didn’t make it a user-friendly space for appliances!

These portable hair dryers often get left on the little bit of counter or vanity, taking up space and causing a hazard. Since this is an electrical appliance, you don’t want to leave it plugged in and near running water!

You could wrap it up and put it in another room or get one of these over-the-door dryer holders for a vanity with a small cabinet with doors. This is a handy way to store it.

It is also easy to get at. If your bathroom does not have a vanity with storage, you could store your dryer in the back of the door storage pockets. Just by getting it off the counter will feel less cluttered.

Under Cabinet Shelves

under cabinet bathroom storage shelf

If you are lucky enough to have a vanity with doors, chances are you have everything stuffed in there, and each day, when you are trying to get ready, you end up crawling around in there trying to find things.

By adding this affordable storage idea, you have, in effect 2 shelves that can house many products. They are easy to find and easy to get at.

To me, that was the most important. Having all these containers was fine and dandy, but if they were not easily accessible, then it was no good to me.

These 5 storage products above are a great way to utilize all the square footage in a tiny bathroom without looking like a bomb went off and without spending a fortune.

Suppose you have many people trying to use this room and get all the above storage products. In that case, you will have increased the storage space in many cases to double the amount, especially if you depend on a tiny vanity cabinet.

For approximately 100 dollars, you could outfit your small bathroom with accessories to help keep the clutter in order. This will make the room welcoming and easy to clean, which is good!

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