What To Serve With King Crab


In many seafood restaurants, one of the most ordered foods is the king crab. It is not surprising that many restaurants charged so costly because many people are willing to pay much.

King crabs aredelicious meal that many people love to eat. Although eating a crab is indeed a different process because of the mess that it can result in, many just canâTMt get enough but keep on eating the same over and over again.

King crabs can also be served to your guests at home, although there are some who find it challenging and find it hard to serve. It is essential to accompany the king crab with foods that will complement the handson technique of eating the crabs. And to capitalize on the distinct flavor of the king crab, it is necessary to serve it with the appropriate foods.

Fresh Veggies


Vegetables are foods that you can serve together with king crab. Try serving fresh vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, peas, and other simple vegetables. You can serve steamed asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower as an accompaniment to a small portion of king crab such as the legs part. Serving this warm will surely make your guests ask for more. Another option is to season the king crab together with small slices of peas. Sprinkle over some salt and pepper to taste then serve. This is tempting to look at that will make you drool over. You can also season the steamed vegetables with olive oil and melted butter.

Comfort Carbs


Other accompaniments in serving king crabs are potatoes. You may opt to serve baked or mashed potatoes for a tasty and tempting look. You can also choose to make small slices of potatoes and then season them with garlic and olive oil. Red onions, parsley, and pepper are other seasonings that you can serve together with king crab. If you know the basic steps in making a potato salad, it will be a great idea to make one and then serve it together withking crab. Your guest will surely feel satisfied as they start on feeling the texture and mild taste of potatoes together with the great taste of king crab meat.

Another option that you can employ when serving king crab is corn. As you often see in different seafood restaurants, grilled or roasted corns usually accompany a king crab serving most of the time. You can buy fresh corn in different fruit stands or you may also opt to use canned corn kernels that are widely sold in different supermarkets. King crab can also be served together with corn soup. The mildly sweet taste of corn soup will surely make you are serving a delectable one. Serving a small bowl of corn soup together with a small portion of king crab is a traditional way of serving that still sells now.

Bon Appetito!

These are just some of the food ideas that you can employ whenever you wish to serve a king crab. The taste of the crab can be enhanced when it is accompanied by great food.

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